Unielvel MLM Plan Structure

In a unilevel plan, a distributor typically sponsors as many distributors as his frontline. There is no limit as to the number of distributors that one can sponsor. For instance, in the above MLM plan, the distributor A has sponsored the distributors B,C, D, E, ∞ who are his frontline.

The distributors B, C, E, .. are free to sponsor as many distributors as they like. The main advantage of unilevel plan is that, as there is no limit on the number of distributors one can sponsor, the more number of sponsors, the more is the commission.


Unlevel MLM Compensation structure


 In unilevel plan, all the distributors in the same level would receive the same compensation ( commission ) and the commissions are generally paid out on a limited depth ( can be upto 5 to 7 levels deep).

Some also consider this as a disadvantage however, as the uni level plans a reconstrained by the limited depth of commission which inhibits deep sales organizations.

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