Websoftex Co Operative Software and Features:

Websoftex Co Operative Software is such a software package that empowers the management to see the whole business happenings of the organization sitting ahead of a laptop.

 The software package guarantees full knowledge handshake among the modules to make sure error-free operation with minimum effort and ensure handiness of information once and wherever it’s needed. Price centers will undoubtedly improve the operational potency and save cost of operation through correct implementation of the modules.

Websoftex Co Operative Software isn’t a inactive product. A team of laptop Professionals at operating perpetually at our production center to form it simpler and incorporate latest advancements within the field information} Technology with the assistance of a number of one that has the total domain knowledge of the Co-Operative Banking.

Websoftex Co Operative Software isn’t simply a co-operative banking software package. It’s a revenue-generating tool. The elemental ideas of this software package are value analysis/reduction and Management of the price center with same resources once the business grows.

Co Operative Software Features:

  • Subsidiary Loan money Book financial gain
  • Subsidiary Loan money Book Expenditure
  • Ceiling for unofficial Application
  • Pledge / Misc.
  • Pledge Loan Issue Report Pledge/Misc.
  • Pledge Loan Refund Report
  • Status for Property Mortgage for Crop Loan/Non-Crop Loan
  • Deposit Account Pass Book
  • Register of Savings Deposit
  • Register of revenant Deposit
  • Register of Daily Deposit
  • Register of fastened Deposit
  • Register of money Certificate
  • Statement of Deposit Mobilized
  • Statement of Monthly comes back
  • Purchase Orders Register
  • Client Orders Register
  • Purchase Register