Websoftex Loan Software with the Co-operative Rules

The software package is intended to run the Co-operative Banks together with The Co-operative credit societies. The package is in compliance with the Co-operative Rules of province State.

It’s a Multi-user Windows primarily based system covering all the activities of a Co-operative Credit Society /Bank wherever Sales and Purchases also are created to satisfy the necessities of its members. It handles Share accounting, SB. Accounts, Deposits of assorted sorts like Term deposit, RD etc.

All sorts of Loans like Agriculture Loans, Vehicle Loans etc. also are given. The complete Daily and Monthly Reports area unit generated alongside the Pigmy collectors Reports. The daily chores of a Co-operative Bank area unit administered. Periodical Reports to be sent to tally also are created.

We area unit within the business of software system development for last fifteen years. We have a tendency to undertake to style, Develop and Implement knowledge Base Management systems as per the requirements of our shoppers.

We have a tendency to develop each in DOS also as Windows flat forms. we offer software system solutions to people within the sort of personal assistants (PA) to individuals operating in several professions like PA to Librarians, PAs to Doctors, PA to Advocates, PA to PAWN broker & cash lenders and PA to Post workplace RD Managers etc.