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Self-Help Group (SHG)


A self-help group (SHG) is a village-based financial intermediary committee usually composed of 10–20 local women or men. A mixed group is generally not preferred. Most self-help groups are located in India, though SHGs can be found in other countries, especially in South Asia and Southeast Asia.


Members make small regular savings contributions over a few months until there is enough capital in the group to begin lending. Funds may then be lent back to the members or to others in the village for any purpose. In India, many SHGs are ‘linked’ to banks for the delivery of micro-credit.



Web Technology:

Microsoft .Net 4.0 (Front End), MS SQL Server 2008 (Back End)

Multiple state creation option:

Create multiple states with respective branches.

Can create multiple branch users:

Multiple branch users can be created and provide required rights to manage branch.

Can create multiple agents and customers:

‘Multiple’ number of agents can work. This is already tested with entries.

User Friendly Software:

Our software is very easy to use, preferred professional employees are not required to use our software.

Huge Data Security:

Important code is managed for high level encryption. Our Project works under secured architecture.

Verification Process:

Verification process we have provided third party login like CIBIL, CPA, Address.

Automatic process:

Automatically Interest Calculation happens for Loans.


Accounting process:

Transaction entry will automatically make effect on Accounting.


Advantages of financing through SHGs


An economically poor individual gains strength as part of a group.


Besides, financing through SHGs reduces transaction costs for both lenders and borrowers.


Where successful, SHGs have significantly empowered poor people, especially women, in rural areas.


While lenders have to handle only a single SHG account instead of a large number of small-sized individual accounts, borrowers as part of an SHG cut down expenses on travel (to and from the branch and other places) for completing paper work and on the loss of workdays in canvassing for loans.


Self-help groups Software Feature Highlight


  • Admin can set the user rights depending upon the priority.
  • Branch user can create ‘N’ number of customers.
  • Agent can check his total collection report from agent panel.
  • Document management – changing required documents, upload, and pendency list.
  • Customer Duplication checks.
  • Customer Panel provides the customer to upload the documents for further loan process and they can find the loan process and verification of uploaded document status from the customer panel.
  • CPA Verification login page where to verify customers Banking details and Business Document.
  • Installment Frequency like (Daily/Weekly/bi- Weekly /Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly.
  • Loan process till disbursement covers the entire flow like Address verification, CIBIL verification, CPA verification, Aadhaar verification.
  • MIS reports to check customer’s ledger report, list of letters, cp report, interest certificate etc.
  • Integrated to financial accounting.
  • Easy cash, Cheque and transfer payment collection.
  • Software can be used for creating multiple branches. Common interface for all branches is available. Reports are centralized for all branches.
  • In our software collector collection process is through mobile with online and offline Method with approve option in admin/branch panel.
  • Interest calculation process with flat, floating, and fixed type.
  • Send quarterly or monthly report to RBI.
  • Bank reconciling /disbursement reconciling if payment is done through cheque.
  • Web based ERP with Multi-Location Branch.
  • Insurance Tracking.
  • Aadhaar Card Automatic integration.
  • Generating Loan disbursement text file according to bank format.
  • Application form and agreement document print option according to loan application.
  • Multiple loan/ re loan can create for same customer.
  • Pending Document Tracking (PDD).
  • Channel partner business is covered in all aspects. And separately maintaining accounting is not required. Hence fully fledged accounting system is implemented.
  • Separate customer id details for both applicant and co-applicant (just single customer id represents whole information of customer).