Nidhi Producer company FAQ

Who is a member of a PC?

Any individual engaged in any activity connected with or relatable to any primary manufacture.


Is there any restriction in range of members i.e. will there be fifty or additional members?

There is no restriction in most range of members. Numbers of members of a computer is fifty or additional.


Can the shares of a computer be listed in any Stock Exchange?

As provided in alphabetic character half-dozen on top of, a computer will ne’er be a Public Ltd., thus its will ne’er be listed in an exceedingly stock market.


Is there any restriction in space of operation of a PC?

Since a computer is incorporated as a Pvt. Ltd. Company, it’s no restriction in having business in any a part of entire Union of Asian nation [Section 581 E(2) of the businesses Act, 1956]. it should additionally expand its business in foreign countries additionally, that shall be as per alternative applicable statute and is extremely abundant doable.


Is there any tax profit for investors in debentures of a PC?

There are a unit bound tax edges in reference to Dividends and TDS edges on annual Interest on investment in Debentures of a computer.


Who area unit the restrictive Authorities?

The mythical monster underneath Ministry of company Affairs is that the solely administrative body.