What is NIDHI PRAYAAS Program?

The NIDHI – Promoting and fast Young and Aspiring technology entrepreneurs (NIDHI-PRAYAS), the theme launched could be a pre-incubation initiative; specifically supports young innovators flip their concepts into proof-of-concepts. This support shall permit the innovators to do their concepts without worrying of failure, permitting them to succeed in a stage wherever the innovators / entrepreneurs have a prepared product and ar willing to approach incubators for commercialization.

 Objectives of NIDHI-PRAYAS Program:

  • To change translation of associate innovative plan to a image.
  • To supply a platform for quicker experimentation and modify approaches within the plan to plug journey.
  • To come up with innovative solutions relevant to the native and world issues.
  • To draw in an oversized variety of youth WHO demonstrates downside finding zeal and skills
  • To figure on their new technology / knowledge / innovation based mostly startups.
  • To reinforce the pipeline in terms of quality and amount of innovative startups to the incubators.
  • To create a spirited innovation scheme, by establishing a network between innovators, academia, mentors and incubators.