Nidhi Company package and Nidhi Society Software

We developed the Nidhi Company package once an in depth analysis and dealing with completely different Nidhi firms or fund and with the steerage of intimate professionals, WHO area unit running such establishments. Professionals at Websoftex package Solutions studied the precise and sensible operating of Nidhi at the side of the common issues Janus-faced by such organization whereas operating and managing the corporate day to day operations.

Websoftex package Solutions developed the Nidhi Company package with Full knowledge and Operational Security. Nidhi package helps you in specializing in your selling and client satisfaction activities by dashing up your work. It reduces the hours required to perform the structure responsibilities, rising effectiveness, driving out price and increasing profit.

It is absolutely customization and may be integrated with real time Mobile, SMS and Email system. Our method and methodologies area unit persistently monitored, economical to stay pace with the new innovations in technology and customer’s needs. The Websoftex Nidhi package is extremely user friendly and may be simply operated by a laptop operator.

We concentrate on developing software system For Nidhi Company that may change your business development, building your business simpler and responsive, and saving you time and cash. We have a tendency to believe quality consists of merchandise and services provided on time and in conformity with client wants. We have a tendency to shall distinguish and respect our shoppers right to receive quality merchandise and services, on time and inside budget.

Nidhi Society Software could be a specialized software system for all Credit Cooperative Societies, Nidhi Mutual profit corporations and small Finance corporations. It’s the most effective software system resolution for credit cooperative society, Nidhi mutual profit company and small non-depository financial institution accessible within the market nowadays purchasable in urban center and throughout Bharat.  Websoftex Nidhi software system will be made-to-order to fulfill the shopper’s actual needs for his or her Nidhi Company, Co-operative Society or small non-depository financial institution.

Why Choose Nidhi Company?

  • No External Involvement in Management
  • Helpful for Lower and Middle categories
  • Low Rates of Interest
  • Secured Investments
  • Minimum Documentation and Formalities