Websoftex Nidhi and Producer Company Software

We operate by making the computer code with you then running it on our servers. However area unit we tend to able to do this? Through collaboration and versatile operating and by operating along for our mutual advantages. Our experience in computer code development is value-added to your insight and in-depth data of your trade and also the tasks you wish to attain to form your business run a lot of with efficiency.

We tend to license the computer code for your use, however we tend to area unit liberated to take what we’ve learnt, and sell tools to similar corporations. You get the computer code you wish. We tend to develop a product or service we will market a lot of wide. It’s a win-win state of affairs that advantages everybody. We’ve tons of shoppers in India.

We believe quality consists of merchandise and services provided on time and in agreement with client necessities. We tend to shall acknowledge and respect our customers’ right to receive quality merchandise and services, on time and among budget.

  • Software options
  • Master Entry Module
  • Branch Master
  • Region Master
  • State Master
  • Set up Master
  • Rank Master
  • Commission Master
  • Relation Master
  • Bank Master
  • Configuration Master
  • Target Master
  • Prize Master
  • Voucher Master
  • Account Master
  • Dividend Master
  • Maturity Master
  • Loan Master
  • Interest Master
  • fiscal year Master

Websoftex Software Solutions is specialized software for all Credit Cooperative Societies, Nidhi Mutual profit firms and small Finance firms. It’s the most effective software resolution for credit cooperative society, Nidhi mutual profit company and small node repository financial institution out there within the market these days purchasable in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kerala, Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow, and Indore and throughout Asian nation. Websoftex Software Solutions are often made-to-order to fulfill the shopper’s actual needs for his or her Nidhi Company, Co-operative Society or small node repository financial institution.

What is NIDHI PRAYAAS Program?

The NIDHI – Promoting and fast Young and Aspiring technology entrepreneurs (NIDHI-PRAYAS), the theme launched could be a pre-incubation initiative; specifically supports young innovators flip their concepts into proof-of-concepts. This support shall permit the innovators to do their concepts without worrying of failure, permitting them to succeed in a stage wherever the innovators / entrepreneurs have a prepared product and ar willing to approach incubators for commercialization.

 Objectives of NIDHI-PRAYAS Program:

  • To change translation of associate innovative plan to a image.
  • To supply a platform for quicker experimentation and modify approaches within the plan to plug journey.
  • To come up with innovative solutions relevant to the native and world issues.
  • To draw in an oversized variety of youth WHO demonstrates downside finding zeal and skills
  • To figure on their new technology / knowledge / innovation based mostly startups.
  • To reinforce the pipeline in terms of quality and amount of innovative startups to the incubators.
  • To create a spirited innovation scheme, by establishing a network between innovators, academia, mentors and incubators.

Features of Nidhi Software:

Nidhi Software will computerize your business forms, making your association more successful and responsive, and sparing you time and cash. Nidhi Company Software is made to meet your particular needs.

It can be both less expensive than off-the-rack programming arrangements and, obviously, much more capable. You can decrease the hours expected to perform time-concentrated administration and regulatory undertakings, enhancing proficiency, driving out cost and expanding productivity.

We take after big business wide quality strategy which is characterized and quantifiable. Our procedure and philosophies are continually observed, refreshed to keep pace with the new developments in innovation and client’s needs.


Features of Nidhi Software:

  • Deal with every single record with easy to use interface
  • Hassel free gathering method for brisk sections
  • Site Integration and Online Access to Members/Subscribers
  • Record wallet to deal with extremely imperative archives at one place
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for best administration and support to individuals
  • Reports like duty, insinuations, account duplicate, prized supporters and so forth.
  • Completely highlighted dashboard, which gives you theoretical points of interest of your whole budgetary exchange exercises
  • Multi-User System
  • Adaptability to Work From Anywhere