Websoftex Nidhi and Producer Company Software

We operate by making the computer code with you then running it on our servers. However area unit we tend to able to do this? Through collaboration and versatile operating and by operating along for our mutual advantages. Our experience in computer code development is value-added to your insight and in-depth data of your trade and also the tasks you wish to attain to form your business run a lot of with efficiency.

We tend to license the computer code for your use, however we tend to area unit liberated to take what we’ve learnt, and sell tools to similar corporations. You get the computer code you wish. We tend to develop a product or service we will market a lot of wide. It’s a win-win state of affairs that advantages everybody. We’ve tons of shoppers in India.

We believe quality consists of merchandise and services provided on time and in agreement with client necessities. We tend to shall acknowledge and respect our customers’ right to receive quality merchandise and services, on time and among budget.

  • Software options
  • Master Entry Module
  • Branch Master
  • Region Master
  • State Master
  • Set up Master
  • Rank Master
  • Commission Master
  • Relation Master
  • Bank Master
  • Configuration Master
  • Target Master
  • Prize Master
  • Voucher Master
  • Account Master
  • Dividend Master
  • Maturity Master
  • Loan Master
  • Interest Master
  • fiscal year Master

Websoftex Software Solutions is specialized software for all Credit Cooperative Societies, Nidhi Mutual profit firms and small Finance firms. It’s the most effective software resolution for credit cooperative society, Nidhi mutual profit company and small node repository financial institution out there within the market these days purchasable in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kerala, Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow, and Indore and throughout Asian nation. Websoftex Software Solutions are often made-to-order to fulfill the shopper’s actual needs for his or her Nidhi Company, Co-operative Society or small node repository financial institution.

Mutual Benefit Nidhi Calculator:

Mutual Benefit Nidhi software (Calculator) aid to any or all customers for all banking processes in terms of services that provided. These software system ready in line with user needs, below steering of the consultants of banking thus users couldn’t face completely different variety of obstacles throughout banking method.

This software (Calculator) system additionally known as mini Banking software system. These software system offer complete support and warranted that your saving plans can provide you with the expecting money back that command by the Banking norms & conditions.

Your savings plans can provide you with such variety of opportunities like House finance facilitate, Business finance facilitate that helps to you for creating your dreams return true. Your investments square measure fully secured and creating the most effective out of the offered market opportunities.

This Software provides the ability of FD (Fixed Deposit), RD (Reduction Deposit), MIS and enormous or touch of money deposit. We have a tendency to furnish you a completely customizable and integrated with real time Mobile, SMS banking, Email system, on-line banking, etc.