Mohammed Yunus’s Microfinance System

1- Low financial gain individuals want external cash. Proof has shown that if you mobilize savings during a local people, within the term that funds can cowl quite the demand of borrowings in this community.

2- Credit is that the most powerful money tool to require individuals out of poorness. Savings is way a lot of powerful to induce out of poorness, thus those programs ought to extremely encourage savings quite credit. Let us target savings -the lot of the better- nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide not in credit -the lot of the better?-.

3- A microcredit ought to be utilized by micro entrepreneurs. Not most are Associate in nursing enterpriser. Individuals have to borrow for lots of things that is ok. One thing that has invariably created ME skeptical regarding those programs is that they assert that microcredit is addressed to entrepreneurs. If the compensation is 98%, meaning that 98% of these micro companies were Triple Crown. What an out of this world rate, compared to the 49% in “developed” countries. Microcredit ought to cowl very different desires, not solely entrepreneurial prices.

Disadvantages of the system

Over-indebted borrowers

In most microcredit programs, workers square measure incentivize to push purchasers to induce credit that is dangerous. In addition, do not fake that everybody is going to be an honest enterpriser, because we have a tendency to all apprehend that there is a giant chance that the micro entrepreneurship can fail. Then, World Health Organization pays the debt?

 Very high rate of interest to hide the prices of maintaining a large employees -around twenty 5,000- and infrastructure that serves the communities. If Grameen is self-sustainable, World Health Organization covers the cost. The low financial gain individuals, their customers that is smart.

Microfinance, Microenterprises and Small Businesses

Microfinance is the provision of a broad range of financial services such as– deposits, loans, payment services, money transfers and insurance products – to the poor and low-income households, for their microenterprises and small businesses, to enable them to raise their income levels and improve their living standards.


Microfinance is the provision of loans and other financial services to the poor. The microfinance has evolved due to the efforts of committed individuals and financial agencies to promote self-employment and contribute to poverty alleviation and provision of social security.


Core Principles for Microfinance:

 ➣ the poor needs access to appropriate financial services.

➣ the poor has the capability to repay loans, pay the real cost of loans And generate savings.

➣ Microfinance is an effective tool for poverty alleviation.

➣ Microfinance institutions must aim to provide financial services to an Increasing number of disadvantaged people.

➣ Microfinance can and should be undertaken on a sustainable basis.

➣ Microfinance NGOs and programs must develop performance Standards that will help define and govern the microfinance industry toward greater reach and   sustainability.



Microfinance has a very important role to play in development according to proponents of microfinance.

UNCDF (2004) states that studies have shown that microfinance plays three key roles in development. It:

_ helps very poor households meet basic needs and protects against risks,

_ is associated with improvements in household economic welfare,

_ helps to empower women by supporting women’s economic participation and so promotes gender Equity.