Best Financial Software for Microfinance Companies

A major part of the India’s population still lives their everyday life with less than Rs.100. No government can change the situation overnight. It’s the Microfinance companies in India that are trying their best to offer these people the necessary financial freedom through providing loans, saving schemes, micro-insurances and money transfer facilities.


It’s a consistent and unremitting process to help the less-fortunate people alleviating poverty. Microfinance Software Company has participated in the mission through developing cost effective and efficient money management software for these Microfinance companies.It’s the skill, experience and hard-work of our team members who have designed and developed this financial software through extensive research using all Microfinance companies.


Micro Finance Software Features

1) Branch Area
2) Product Management
3) Collection Officer Management
4) User Management
5) Insurance Management
6) Member Registration
7) Loan Processing
8) Loan Disbursement
9) Loan Recovery
10) Financial Accounting
11) Fund Management for HO
12) Fund Management for Branch