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Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has a powerful web publishing system that generates the real estate listings for your website. Your customers will find it easy to locate a property on your website. You will find it easy to maintain. Jade handles everything, from image processing to search scripts and synchronized uploading. The data and images in the database are used to generate:

A Directory of Categorized Listings.
A Property Search Engine.
Property Details Pages.

A simple default design provides you with a starting point for your own customized listings. See the basic listings example. Purchase today… Is up and running today! 


Websoftex Real Estate Software Feature Highlight


  • Multi-user Online web based with Multi Branch core Real Estate RD FD application.
  • Extremely Functional and user friendly with user drivers operation.
  • Attractive and well said reports format.
  • Report export facility to various useful formats such as MS Word. MS excels. Customized and user defined reports
  • Ace reports can be viewed on the screen and can be printed on printer.
  • Membership Management, Operational Accounts, Term Deposits.
  • Loans and Advances, Standing Instructions, Cash Transaction.
  • Day book and Trial Balance, General Ledger & Financial Statements.
  • I.S, Initialization and configuration.
  • System Administration, Enrollment Fee Report
  • Application Fee Report, Late Fee Report
  • State of the art technology has been used.
  • Modular design with proper integration to ensure trouble-free operations without undue complications.
  • Optimum security of operations which is very essential for financial transactions.
  • Comprehensiveness in coverage – a feature absolutely necessary to meet all requirements.
  • User-friendliness which ensures hassle free usage.
  • High flexibility with expandability and upgradability. The software can be used by all societies and can be easily upgraded /expanded to cover more activities whenever required.
  • Control over operations with in-built checks and balances, authorization procedures, etc.
  • Elimination of scope for tampering of data.
  • The system is designed to work for network environment to access the information & update the data by different users simultaneously.
  • The software is capable of handling huge volumes of transactions without any difficulty.

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Websoftex Software Solutions Private Limited is a Software company, extending its services in Website Designing & Development-Custom Software Development and Mobile.

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