Non-Bank Financial – Non-Organization

Non-Bank Financial Intermediaries – non-monetary financial institutions, classified into government and private sectors, with or without quasi-banking functions. They are primarily engaged in long-term financing for the expansion and modernization of productive ventures and, to a minor extent, for facilitating short-term placements in other financial institutions. Non-bank financial institutions consist of:

 (a) Investment House;     

(b) Financing Company;    

(c) Investment Company;

 (d) Securities Dealer;        

(e) Securities Broker;       

(f) Pawnshop;         

 (g) Lending Investor;        

(h) Fund Manager;

(i) Mutual Building and Loan Association;

 (j) Non-Stock Savings and Loan Association;   

(k) Private Insurance Company;

 (l) Government non-bank financial institutions; and (m) Venture Capital Corporation.


Non-government organization – a duly registered non-stock, nonprofit organization focusing on the upliftment of the basic or disadvantaged sectors of society by providing advocacy, training, community organizing, research, access to resources.

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