Marketing Cooperative Society

It is the voluntary association of producers fashioned for the article of arrangement the disposal of their output. It pools along the output of the individual members and arranges to provide the merchandise at highest potential worth. The profit of the sale of the ~ product is distributed among the contributory producers consistent with their individual contribution to the pool.


 This sort of society is especially helpful for the tiny producers and agriculturists. It is fashioned in two organization consistent with the native condition of the country i.e.

(a) Single Purpose Society

(b) Multi purposes Society


  1. To pool along the output of the individual members.
  2. To grade and method of the pooling product of the members.
  3. To eliminate the merchandise at the most worth.
  4. To regulate offer to demand.
  5. To produce storage facilities to its members.
  6. To obtain the data with reference to marketplace for the member’s product.
  7. To produce the monetary facilities to its members.

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