How to Register a Multi State Credit Co-op. Society?

To do the registration of Multi state Credit society you have got to submit the applying at Department of Agriculture & Co-operation, New Delhi.

How to Register a Multi State Credit Co-op. Society ?

The application needed the subsequent documents:-

  1. Data of fifty members from every state with 2 states minimum.You can keep a lot of range of states also however every further state need a minimum of fifty members from that state.
  2. Names of all the members with their signatures.
  3. Planned name of your multi state cooperative society.
  4. Your space of operation: Mention the names of the states wherever you wish to figure.

The application shall be accompanied by:-

  • Four copies of the planned Bye-laws of the Multi state co-operative society, punctually signed by every of the persons WHO sign the applying.
  • Name of the planned multi-state co-operative society.
  • Head Quarter’s address to be registered.
  • A list of persons WHO have contributed to the share capital, in conjunction with the quantity contributed by every of them, and also the price of admission paid by them.
  • Area of operation.
  • Main objectives
  • A certificate from the Bank or banks stating the credit balance in favour of the planned multi state co-operative society.
  • A theme showing the main points explaining however the operating of the multi-State co-operative society are going to be economically sound and also the registration of such multi-State co-operative society are going to be helpful for social and economic betterment of its members through aid and international logistic support in accordance with the co-operative principles.
  • Requirement of Registrar workplace could modification time to time therefore for different relevant data please contact the workplace of Registrar of co-operatives

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