Functions of Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society

The useful co-operative society has sizable amount of functions to discharge. Because the name indicates its responsibility for various purpose that it is been created. It will work for transcription credit, improved seeds, agricultural implements, fertilizers, sanitation, health etc. for its members. Ordinarily it discharges the subsequent functions.

  1. Creating Arrangement for Credit:

The main task of those co-operative societies is to rearrange for brief term credit for its members to assist them to boost their agriculture and alternative trade and business.

  1. Encouraging the Improved technique of Agriculture:

These societies prepare provide off to the members seeds, fertilizers, agriculture implements etc. They additionally prepare for irrigation facilities in order that the members could also be able to have higher agricultural yields.

  1. Selling and Business:

These societies not solely facilitate the farmers to boost their agriculture however conjointly facilitate them for selling of the products. Through such facilities, they get correct worth for the agricultural merchandise and alternative product created by its members.

  1. Originated of Subsidiary house and tiny Scale Industries:

These societies facilitate their members to line up alternative trades and industries. Although these house industries and small-scale industries, the financial condition of the members is improved and that they area unit able to improve their customary of living.

  1. Serving to Members to extend their customary of Living:

These co-operative societies by providing varied kinds of facilities for his or her members, improve their customary of living. They conjointly do the programmer of health, education and social education. They create arrangements for health and economic facilities, education and recreation for his or her members.

  1. Encouraging the Member for Saving:

These societies act as saving agencies and encourage their members to save lots of a vicinity of their financial gain for his or her future desires. Through these savings, the members of such co-operative societies square measure able to get loans and conjointly solve their issues.

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