Co-Operative Bank:

  • A co-operative bank   is   a money   entity that  belongs   to   its members, WHO square measure  at  the  same  time  the  owners  and  the  customers  of  their bank. Co-operative banks square measure usually  created  by  persons happiness to the same native  or skilled  community  of  sharing  a  common  Co-operative banks usually give their members with a wide vary of banking and financial services (loans, deposits, banking accounts, etc.).
  • Co-operative banks dissent from  stockholders  bank  by  their  organization,  their goals,  their  values  and  their  In  most  countries,  they  are supervised   and   controlled  by   banking   authorities   and  have   to   respect prudential banking laws, that place them at A level taking part in field with Stock holders  banks.
  • Depending on countries, this management and superintendence
  • Can be enforced directly by state entities or delegated to a co-operative federation or central body. All the co-operative banks share common features as delineate below

Customer-Owned Entities:

In a co- operative bank, the requirements of the customers meet the requirements of householders, as co-operative bank members area unit each i.e. customer and owner.

Democratic Member Control:

Co – operative banks area unit in hand  and controlled  by  the  members, World Health Organization  democratically  elect  the  board  of  the directors. Members typically have equal vote rights, consistent with the co-operative principle of “one person, one vote”.

Profit Allocation:

In a co-operative bank, a important half of the yearly profit, advantages  or  surplus  is typically allotted  to represent  reserves.  A half  of  this  profit will additionally  be  distributed to  the co-operative members, with legal and statutory limitations in most cases.

Profit is typically allotted to members either through patronage dividend, that is said to the utilization of co-operative merchandise  and  services  by every  member, or  through associate degree  interest or  a dividend, that  is connected  to  the variety  of  shares signed  by every member.

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