Unielvel MLM Plan Structure

In a unilevel plan, a distributor typically sponsors as many distributors as his frontline. There is no limit as to the number of distributors that one can sponsor. For instance, in the above MLM plan, the distributor A has sponsored the distributors B,C, D, E, ∞ who are his frontline.

The distributors B, C, E, .. are free to sponsor as many distributors as they like. The main advantage of unilevel plan is that, as there is no limit on the number of distributors one can sponsor, the more number of sponsors, the more is the commission.


Unlevel MLM Compensation structure


 In unilevel plan, all the distributors in the same level would receive the same compensation ( commission ) and the commissions are generally paid out on a limited depth ( can be upto 5 to 7 levels deep).

Some also consider this as a disadvantage however, as the uni level plans a reconstrained by the limited depth of commission which inhibits deep sales organizations.

Unilevel MLM compensation plan

The MLM compensation plan called Unlevel is simple “Number of levels” that the company

will pay you, and usually there is no promotion or rank. You make money by getting certain

Override off of the volume, and usually there is a requirement of volume to qualify for a check.

Unlimited first-level width with a depth of usually 5 to 9 levels.  Lots of qualifying markers

makes it hard to achieve high percentage. The wider the first level is the thinner the support.

Unlevel plans came into existence on 1985. Hybrid-unlevel consists of one sales force classification. Here, everyone can be considered as a distributor. Sales leaders are not present here. We get paid on the distributors down X number of levels.

Then the company pays an extra amount based on another criterion besides the classifications of Sales force. There is a period of time where if we sign up people, we can make more as new recruits and less on them when later. These programs can also pay higher Commissions to a new recruit for the specified period. This depends upon the fact that how long a distributor in the down line has been in the company.

What is Unilevel MLM Plan?

Unilevel MLM plan is the easiest of the MLM plan to understand. In this plan, each of the distributor can sponsor as distributors as he/she may like and all these distributors will be on his/her frontline.

This is similar to a Forced matrix compensation plan with a main difference being, that in Forced Matrix plan, each distributor can only sponsor acerta in number of distributors as his frontline. All the additional distributors will be placed further down under other distributors.

Uni-Level MLM plan

In MLM Industry, One of the simplest concepts or simplest MLM Plan is Uni-Level MLM Plan. Every individual member or MLM companies can easily convey and explain this Uni-Level Plan to new member and MLM Business affiliates.


In Uni-Level MLM Plan each affiliate can recruits new member in their level structure or front line. Each affiliate can introduce new member in any width and the commission distributed up to a fixed limited depth or fixed levels as per MLM compensation plan.


The MLM Organization can make the Uni-Level MLM Plan more attractive by introducing some rewards or bonuses or incentives for registered members when they achieve the company fixed or declared level targets.

Advantages of Uni-Level MLM Plan:

Simplicity of MLM Plan is Uni-Level Plan which is easy to explain for new comers or new members.

Compensation level is declared or customized as per company business requirements.

Rewards and bonuses can be integrated easy at any level structure or frontline in Uni-Level MLM Plan.


Uni Level Plan Website Design includes:

  • Home Page (logo, Banner images, Description, achiever list, news)
  • Login (separate panel for members)
  • About Us (about company with image)
  • Business Plan (business plan with animation)
  • Products (tabular detail with image, price, product name)
  • Legal (company registration form, PAN card, other legal documents)
  • Photo Gallery (achiever photos/event photos)
  • Terms and Conditions (term and conditions for members)
  • Join now (online joining option for new members)
  • Contact us (company address with phone, mobile and email id)
  • Responsive website design (easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).


Uni Level Plan Join Now Page Includes:

  • Option for join now via E- Pin , Payment gateway like CC Avenue , Pay U Money
  • SMS Integration on joining
  • Email integration (welcome email to new member’s email)


Uni Level Plan Distributor Panel Includes:

  • Dash Board (User Home Page)
  • Profile (User details)
  • Welcome Letter(formatted welcome letter)
  • Edit Profile (change basic detail )
  • Change password (change login password)
  • Bank modification (change bank a/c with Trans. P wd)
  • Transaction password (change Transaction password)
  • Genealogy ( Tree view)
  • Level wise Report
  • Downline members
  • Direct Members (list of direct members)
  • Search Id (search member in downline)
  • Repurchase/Top up option
  • Daily pair details (current tentative payout before closing)
  • Reports (Level income, Growth income, Royalty income etc…)
  • Payout (Daily , 3 Days , Weekly, 15 days , Monthly)
  • Statement, Voucher (printable payout Voucher)
  • E- Pin Management (Pin Bank , Pin Transfer , Pin History, Pin Request)
  • E-Wallet*(purchase E- Pin from member’s balance, Withdraw, Top up )
  • Logout(logout from current member)

Uni Level Plan Administration Panel Includes :

  • Admin registration ( Multiple Top ID creation)
  • Client View Registration ( All customer login report with Excel)
  • Level members report( referral members)
  • Change upline (Sponsor Change option)
  • Settings (Member View profile, Edit Profile, Change password)
  • Search ( User id , User name , Mobile No , Package, Date wise)
  • Franchise management ( Add franchise , view franchise)
  • E – Pin Management (Generate Pins , Assign Pins, Active Pins, De-active Pins)
  • E – pin reports ( Used Pins , Unused Pins, Assigned Pins , Deactivate Pins Report)
  • Reports (Level income, Growth income, Royalty income etc…)
  • Payout (daily/weekly/monthly as per your plan)
  • View Payout (closing wise statement, view details, Voucher, Paid status)
  • Payout In Excel for NEFT or Bank transfer
  • SMS Integration on payout
  • Id wise payout Status (Payment status of Member Id )
  • TDS Report(TDS deduction of member)
  • Total income Report
  • E-Wallet Status (purchase E- Pin from member’s balance, Withdraw, Top up )
  • Repurchase Management ( Create category, Create Product)
  • Gallery management ( Create Album , Add photo, Edit/view photo, delete Photo)
  • News management ( Add news, Add Scroll news, view/edit news)
  • Achievers Management ( Add Achiever)
  • Awards Management ( Eligible Award member Paid/Unpaid Status)
  • Promotion List (promotion wise member list)
  • Messages ( Compose , inbox , Sent items )