Chit Fund Organization:

A chit fund organization is one that oversees, directs or regulates a chit conspire. Everybody who needs to put resources into a chit needs to pool in certain measure of cash and can take an interest in sell-offs held consistently. Every chit fund organization which is carrying on the chit support business must have the words ‘Chit’, “Chitty” or “Kuri” in its name

Chit Fund has been assuming a stellar part even before the approach of present day managing an account period, approaching to save of the poor at moderate terms. CHIT Fund gives a decent source of fund for various sorts of individual’s viz., little financial specialists, representatives, little scale industrialists and so forth.

This framework has various implicit focal points because of which individuals incline toward this alternative over other formal foundations. These are:

Un-Registered: Unregistered chits are every one of those keep running by companions, neighbors or anybody not enlisted under the chit subsidize acts

Chit subsidize organizations can just work according to the procedure said above. They can’t enjoy exchanging or other such exercises, for example, land speculations, store assembly, and so forth. Chit reserve is not quite the same as a racket plot, MLM (multi-level advertising) or any questionable plans. Thus, scams for example, Saradha Chit Scam not be dealt with as a chit finance trick.

Chit funds are user-friendly:

Chit Funds have the favorable position both for serving a need and as a speculation. Cash can be promptly attracted a crisis or could be proceeded as a speculation.

Loan cost is controlled by the supporters themselves, in light of common choices and shifts from closeout to sell. The cash that you get is against your own future commitments.

 The sum is given on individual sureties as well; not at all like in banks and other money related foundations which request an unmistakable security.

Chit funds can be depended upon to fulfill individual needs. Not at all like other money related foundations, can you draw upon your chit finance for any reason – relational unions, religious capacities, therapeutic costs, kids’ instruction, and so forth.

 Chit Funds have the favorable position both for serving a need and as a speculation. Cash can be promptly attracted a crisis or could be proceeded as a speculation.

Loan cost is controlled by the supporters themselves, in light of common choices and shifts from closeout to sell.

Chit Funds as Banks:

  • Simplifying things and increase their efficiency
  • Providing secure online access to members
  • Members can see all update information after every transaction
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Basic computer knowledge is enough to master this software
  • Takes less time to learn
  • Best for organizations those who organize chits
  • Very popular business
  • Time Saving

Similar functions as banks:

  • Chit fund software provides banking transaction services without meeting legal definition of a bank.
  • Provides loans to small and medium businessmen for short term and long term deals.
  • Route for people who are stuggleling in business.
  • Now a days software’s are like basic bootstrap to grow in daily business market.
  • Chit fund software is one of those bootstrapping tool.
  • It provides quick access between bank and customers and saves customers valuable time.
  • Provides quick financial services at the edge of your fingertips.
  • Technology makes transactions like rocket speed.
  • Lots of options and apps are available to provide door step services.
  • Saves money and gains business.
  • Money Plant technique.

Chit Fund Saving Scheme

A chit fund is a type of saving scheme in India. Chit fund means an institution which accepts savings at interest and offer money for house and other needs. Chit fund companies that organize and supervise such schemes are regulated by the chit fund act of that region.  The chit money collected every month is open for bidding and a member placing the lowest bid gets the money.

Chit fund software is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of chit fund companies by providing an integrated accounting. Designed for chit fund companies. Play important role in today’s digital marketing. Time saving concept


  • A unique financial concept
  • flexible to savings
  • The rate of take is cheaper than other financial schemes
  • No formalities needed to join chit fund companies
  • Confidential returns
  • Also available for small savings
  • Doorstep facilities available

GST on Chit Fund

The implementation of GST has more damaged our prospects as we tend to currently find yourself paying quite the service tax levy.

 The implementation of GST has more damaged our prospects as we tend to currently find yourself paying quite the service tax levy.

 Chit fund rules have considerably increased the dealing prices for chits, and since most of the prices ought to be incurred for every extra member, the rules may push funds removed from serving the poor.

 As funds will solely justify the dealing prices per capita if the individual price ticket size is comparatively giant, this risk can’t be dominated out

 The practicality of the Chit funds is appreciate that of banks and NBFC’s, that mobilize savings from account-holders and lend them to borrowers.

 With the introduction of Section 269 ST within the revenue enhancement Act, money receipts exceptional 2 hundred thousand aren’t allowable, and non-compliance of constant would trigger penal provisions and penalty corresponding to the number of money receipt is levied.

 Government-run banks, post workplace savings bank, and co-operative banks are exempted from the Section, with power accorded to the Centre to more exempt persons or category of persons or receipts.

Chit Fund Useful Tips:

In some cases the capitalist World Health Organization wins the prized bid makes off with the cash and doesn’t contribute his unfinished share of installments.

 The cluster of investors ought to have the required funds to pay their installments in order that the operations of the fund don’t seem to be hindered. Members can be needed to take care of a deposit with these funds.

 There is a risk of the foreman feat with the funds. So as to stop this from happening to you create positive that Chit fund is registered below Chit Fund Act 1982.

 Always get in for registered corporations for Chit funds and check their past track records so as to take care of the security of your investment.

 Always ensure that you simply have the potential to pay your monthly installments as any default might end in you creating Brobdingnag Ian interest payments and severe penalties.

 Always check the Chit funds you invest sure tall claims like hugely high rates of come and if there’s a press release created that when you get the winning bid no more installments square measure required you wish to notice that they’re dirty in keeping with the Chit Fund Act.

Difference between Chit Fund and Nidhi Company

Nidhi Company could be a company registered underneath section 406 of the businesses act 2013 and notifies as a Nidhi company by focal govt. u/s 620A of firms act its associate NBFC doing the business of disposition and borrowing with its members and shareholders. A coupon store could be a variety of saving theme practiced in Republic of India.


A chit support company implies a corporation overseeing, conducting or management As foreman, agent or another limit, accounts as outlined u/s two of the chit funds act 1982, as indicated by section 2(b) of account funds act 1982, account implies a group action whether or not referred to as a discount, account subsidize, chitty, Kuri, or by another name or by that someone goes into associate degree agreement with a fixed no. of persons, that everybody ought to subscribe a particular totality of cash ( or a particular quantity of grain instead ), by methodology for acoustical installments over an exact period which every such subscriber would possibly, in his flip, as determined by half or by auction or by delicate or in such different manner as could be laid out in the account agreement, be entitled to the prize quantity .


The basic distinction between a Nidhi Company and Chit fund is that a Nidhi Company may be a non-financial financial organization which might either lend or settle for deposits solely whereas the latter i.e., Chit fund is additionally a committee as Nidhi Company however they solely settle for installments over a hard and fast amount of your time that is paid by its members, they neither do lend nor settle for the quantity as an entire not like the Nidhi Company, they merely do settle for amounts in tiny installments.

Such Chit finance schemes can be conducted by musician money establishments or can be unorganized schemes conducted among companions and relatives. There square measure extra types of chits wherever savings square measure accomplished for a specific reason. Chit support likewise paid a vital role within the money development of individuals of many states, for instance, Kerala. Providing easier access to credit.

Chit Fund is Not an Investment

Returns: Assessing returns in a very invoice fund isn’t a logical, knowledge driven or rational method. It depends on however low the bids will go every month.


Risk: a giant YES! There’s substantial proof and news regarding invoice fund corporations that have gone bust. The invoice Funds area unit regulated by the invoice Fund Act of 1982, that applies to each state in Asian country except Jammu and geographical region. The localized and unrecognized invoice funds area unit those that may run away together with your cash at any time. No guarantees any. For that matter, even registered invoice Funds have gone bust.


Legality: each unregistered Chit Fund is illegitimate. It thus rampant in Asian nation and has all kinds authority in its loop creating it on the Q.T. and monstrously well-liked among financial gain teams that cross-check the Chit Fund as their emergency fund or short term investment. Above all, the Chit fund is structured in a very thanks to exploit monetary weakness. It cannot become associate degree investment choice.  A subscriber’s profit relies on another subscriber’s emergency or would like of money.  If a fan or a colleague is tantalizing you to hitch a coupon, debate.

Demonetization Effects on Chit Funds

When we point out the informal economy, we have a tendency to don’t seem to be simply talking concerning the unorganized wage and labor set-up, however another strictly cash-driven business model – the Chit Funds business. come back to consider conclusion of the 500 and 1000 currency notes, that could be a super duper move to discipline parallel and black economies; this can be one sector that has taken a trauma blow. The Chit fund business is an element of each the organized and unorganized sector. It falls beneath the thus referred to as area of the economic system.


While there are a unit lawfully run Chit fund additionally an oversized range of Chit funds that area unit home – run and fully localized.  In truth, the localized ones area unit the foremost standard for reasons like knowing the organizer by face or in-person; the organizer may be a friend, colleague, neighbor or well-known to a devotee or relative. Another necessary reason Chit funds within the unorganized sector area unit standard is as a result of liquidity, zero-tax and also the all-in-cash’ characteristics of the business. And it goes while not voice communication, that profits from the business too go unaccounted. This can be generally why the termination drive has become associate degree unfavorable move for the informal sector.

Chit fund and Ponzi schemes

There is a large distinction between invoice Funds and Ponzi Schemes, they’re each terribly totally different ideas and that they shouldn’t be thought of as alike.


Chit Funds could be a reasonably a savings deposits that is finished by a bunch of individuals. The thought is incredibly kind of like Kitty Parties that are union by girls to save lots of some cash for a specific community project. These Chit funds is managed by registered corporations or it can even be union by a bunch of individuals like family and friends. All the Chit Fund activities are regulated by the Chit Fund Act, 1982. Except for that the Chit Funds are to be regulated by the assorted State Governments by formulating their own Acts, love it has been done is Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, etc.


The approach the invoice Funds work is extremely straightforward. There are a gaggle of individuals World Health Organization all contribute a selected add of cash to the fund for a mere range of months. The folks give the money every month. Then each month there’s lottery/auction and one person is chosen World Health Organization gets the overall cash that has been pooled for that month. However, the person whose name comes within the lottery won’t once more get any cash from the remainder of the fundamental measure however ought to continue contribute his share of cash for the remainder of the fundamental measure.


It’s sometimes seen that the term amount of the invoice fund is capable the quantity of members within the Fund, in order that everyone sundry every person} has an equal likelihood of obtaining the money pooled. There’s one who organizes the invoice Funds each month and this person is additionally in-charge of conducting the lottery/auction.

 So there’s no surety of United Nations agency can get the money at that month and there arises the most distinction between Chit Funds and Ponzi Schemes.

Chit Fund And Ponzi Schemes:

Ponzi Schemes area unit essentially structured in such how that the money channeled from the investors go around and around in a circle. This essentially means, the money collected from the investor’s area unit wont to pay off the previous investors. And therefore the Ponzi Schemes essentially perform until the number of cash coming back in from new investments is over the money going bent on pay the previous investors. As long as this works the Ponzi theme will perform and therefore the day the chain is reversed is that the day it goes bust.

 Ponzi Schemes try and attract investors by giving terribly rate of returns, whereas Chit Funds don’t provide something almost like this. It’s essentially a gaggle of individuals contributory some quantity of cash monthly and obtaining a payment quantity in barely one specific month.